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Now the city of Singaraja has more and more natural tourism that offers natural beauty, one of which is in Jembong Waterfall, Buleleng, Bali. Not only presenting the beauty of the atmosphere in the vicinity of Jembong Waterfall, now in the same location two swimming pools are built right on the entrance to Jembong Waterfall.
Located in Ambengan Village, Sukada, a swimming pool that offers freshness and beautiful panorama can be enjoyed by anyone who comes to visit Buleleng. Jembong Waterfall is open from 07.00 - 17.00 Wita which you can visit during the Bali tour.
Jembong Waterfall also provides changing room facilities next to the swimming pool. Beside the swimming pool, there is also a bale bengong that visitors can use to rest. Visitors were also treated to a fish pond and a variety of beautiful plants neatly arranged along the road, precisely beside the stairs to the pool and waterfall.
This nature tour offers fresh pond water freshness and can be used as a photo spot to add to your photo album collection.
Not only in the pool area, visitors can go up to Jembong Waterfall and take a photo at a photo spot provided by local residents. Besides that, there are also flying fox games which are divided into three lines. With various facilities offered, Jembong Waterfall deserves to be included in the list of Bali vacation plans.

Tourism villages in Tabanan are now starting to prepare tourism support facilities such as tracking paths to preparing accommodation. Like Belimbing Village, Pupuan, which currently has a tracking path by crossing the rice fields with terracing contours, is also included for waterfall attractions.
According to data that was successfully obtained, Belimbing village has many interesting and exotic potentials and can be visited during Bali tour. Like terraced rice fields that have been worldwide. Rice fields that had been used as locations for mass coffee roasting are well-known throughout the world and not inferior to Jatiluwih or other areas that rely on terraced rice fields.
Belimbing village has a terraced agricultural land with an area of ​​460 hectares divided into six subaks including Subak Mas, Subak Gemuh, Subak Nyanglad, Subak Teben Telabah, Subak Duren Taluh, Subak Suranadi.
Then, Belimbing village also has two waterfalls which have been arranged for the arrangement, namely Singsing Bemben and Singsing Sade.
Belimbing Village supplies said that they strongly support the effort to develop the Belimbing Village to become a tourist village and become a tourist destination. They do not want the public to only be an audience without being able to enjoy the results, so that the preparation of supporting facilities and infrastructure so that tourists want to visit in cooperation with all parties in the village.
The village, which is divided into eight banjar offices, admitted that it had been visited by tourists since 2010.
Over time, every tourist, especially local tourists, promotes it through social media like Facebook. Foreign tourists have also started to come here, especially from France who love tracking.
International tourists who come here most from France because they enjoy nature, especially through tracking paths that cross agricultural land. Meanwhile, one of the local village leaders, admits that there is still a need to do structuring, especially infrastructure.
In addition to infrastructure, how to choose photo spots and tracking paths that do not saturate travellers.
So, tourists who come will be satisfied to enjoy Belimbing Village which has this stunning view.
Belimbing village which is a fairly remote tourism area should synergy with other villages. So that by synergistic it will have more interesting potential. With an attractive potential between villages with one another, unsatisfied tourists come here.