Bali Beyond Travel Fair Held in June 2015

Indonesia continue to improve tourism in order to bring tourists to the country through the Bali Beyond Travel Fair 2015. "Bali and Beyond 2015 is an icon of tourism in terms of tourism exhibition. This exhibition event highly anticipated by the international community," said Chairman BBTF, Ketut Ardana press.
The exhibition, which will be held in Nusa Dua Bali on 11 and June 12, 2015 proved highly anticipated by the international community, even outside the country was ready to show participation.
"Indonesia is not only followed by Bali alone but all regions in Indonesia so it can show the strength of Indonesia in the eyes of the world tour," he said again. By having a target 325 buyers, he assesses there is an increase compared to last year 246. "We hope the seller can be present in larger quantities than last year, namely 370. Because last year was 278," he explained again.

Meanwhile, the presence of this Bali Beyond Travel Fair 2015 highly approved by the Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya as one of the easiest ways increase of foreign tourists to the country. "I want to make Bali Beyond Travel Fair 2015 for Indonesia. In fact, I agree with the use of the name of Bali because it is sold but its forecast for the whole of Indonesia," he added.
The presence of this Bali Beyond Travel Fair 2015, it hoped President Jokowi be present so that also participated in sit together with international buyers to participate.

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