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Tegenungan Waterfall is one of the tourist spot in Gianyar also has another name, Kemenuh Waterfall, the name is more because this tour is in the village of Kemunuh, Sukawati sub-district, Gianyar. The distance is around 34 Kilometers from Kuta which you can reach using Bali car rental service. Most waterfalls in Bali are above mountains or highland areas. Only Tegenungan waterfall is the only one in the lowlands.

Tegenungan Waterfall, has a height of about 4 meters, but has quite a lot of water discharge. The water is very clear and suitable for those of you who just want to play water or take a bath. At the location of this waterfall, you can also see temples and water pipes coming from springs.

The location of this full waterfall is not on the edge of the road, so you can find the location of Kemenuh waterfall Bali, you need to go down the stairs which number in the hundreds from the parking lot, until you find the lip of the river Petanu. When you go down hundreds of stairs, it might not feel so tired. But when you have to go back to the vehicle parking lot, then you have to climb hundreds of stairs. This is where your endurance stamina is tested.

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The first tourist spot in Ubud Bali is Monkey Forest. The real name of the tourist attraction of Ubud Monkey Forest is the Wenara Wana Tourism Mandala, but better known as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. A glimpse of his name, even though you have never been here for sure you can already guess what you can find here. yep! In Ubud monkey forest you will find many monkeys.
Ubud monkey forest is included in one of the tourist attractions in Ubud that must be visited, because it is very iconic and represents the impression of the tourist attraction of Ubud as a whole.
Monkey forest tourism object Ubud is a protected forest area and in this forest, there is a sacred temple of Balinese Hindus, named Pura dalem agung padangtegal. When you first enter the monkey forest Bali tourist area, cool air will be felt, because of the towering green trees.
The location of Ubud Bali monkey forest tourist attraction, located on Jalan Monkey Forest Ubud, Gianyar district that you can visit by using Bali car rental with driver service.

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As an art village, Ubud offers tours as well as art and cultural shopping for tourists. There, the cultural life of Bali still feels very strong and really guarded. Along the streets of Ubud, it is not only filled with shops, galleries, and various cafes or restaurants, but temples are also found on the streets. Not just as a place to worship alone, temple here is also sometimes used as a place of theater performances or Balinese art. Ubud city center is located at an intersection, where traditional markets, public transport terminals, temples and tourist information centers of Ubud meet there. The area is never deserted from the back and forth of tourists, either driving or walking. Every week, there are always traditional Balinese performances such as Kecak dance, Legong, Barong, Ramayana, Mahabrata, and gamelan music. Foreign tourists are many who stay for a long time in Ubud, there are even some who settled. They learn to interact daily with local people, and learn their daily activities. Not infrequently, some of them to have a 'Balinese name'. Although it is not easy to get. So, Ubud is not only a place to live for local artists, but also foreign artists. Since the 1920s, Ubud has started to be visited by educated people, artists and musicians from abroad. At that time, they wanted to find the enjoyment of life, which they could not get in their home country. Some villages in Ubud, famous for their respective works of art. Some of them are Mas Village and Celuk Village. The village of Mas is famous as an area of ‚Äč‚Äčoutstanding woodcarving art. Almost in every street and resident's house, there is a gallery that sells Balinese wood carvings. The village Celuk known people because of the gold and silver so that many local and foreign wiatawan who hunt souvenirs to it. In addition to the things that smelled of art and culture, Ubud also has some interesting attractions such as Monkey Forest and Elephant Cave. In Monkey Forest, there are about 200 apes, which are subdivided into three groups, each of them occupying a certain area. As if it had its own territory and rules, the monkeys used certain places and hours too. However, almost all groups can make the forest their 'home'. It's just that when two groups are in the same place and at the same hour, there will be a fight.

There are two things to remember when entering Monkey Forest during Bali tour. First, do not wear objects such as hats or glasses. So nimble and recalcitrant, the monkeys there can take these objects from you. Secondly, it should not disturb the monkeys. Besides the area is considered sacred, in it also there are ancient relics, and also temple. Once upon a time, we can witness a religious ceremony (odalan), or a cremation ceremony (ngaben). Elephant Cave, inside there are temples, caves, and holy water. In addition, there is also a statue of Ganesha as a symbol of science. On the walls of the cave, there is a place to meditate for the ascetics. And based on the Buddha statues contained in it, elephant cave is a relic of Shiva Buddhist. The cool Ubud atmosphere, with a height of about 300 meters above sea level, as well as an unspoiled environment, makes Ubud an ideal place to retreat, 'escape', and relax body and mind. In fact, in a media, Donatella Versace once confessed, he once 'hide' in Ubud to be alone and escape from the routine. For your information, Bali ranks first in the world as a destination for the most ideal spa version of Senses magazine (magazine in Europe) in 2009. Distance from Denpasar to Ubud, takes a distance of about 20 kilometers. Or about an hour and a half to two hours drive. In addition, spend only about 15 to 20 minutes from Gianyar. Then how to get directly to Ubud once arrived in Bali? If you just arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport, and decided to go directly to Ubud, there are several ways to choose according to the financial budget. Starting from a taxi ride, motorcycle rental or Bali bus and car rental.

Because the taxi fare is quite expensive, then you can choose to rent a bus or car if your entourage is more than three people and less than seven or eight people, which costs varied according to the type of car. In addition, if only alone or no more than two people, can rent a motorcycle whose rates also vary. If you leave for Ubud by taxi or shuttle bus, when in Ubud do not have to worry about difficulty everywhere. In Ubud, many places provide car, motorbike and bicycle rental services. Motorcycle rental rates are relatively cheaper than renting motorcycles in Kuta. If you've arrived in Ubud, forget about television and newspapers. It's time to explore its natural beauty. Walking through the winding streets of Ubud, up and down, and wide roadways that tend to be small, would be more comfortable if using a motorcycle rather than a car. In addition to the narrow streets, the lack of parking space, will only make us can not enjoy the maximum vacation, because of the difficulty of finding a parking lot. If you can not ride a motorcycle, and ready to spend extra energy, can by renting a bike. But the most ideal is to walk. Because along the road in almost every corner of Ubud, is a row of art shops / galleries, clothing stores, accessories, and cafes. So, do not worry about hunger or thirst because it is going far enough. The atmosphere of Ubud is cool and not too crowded vehicles, making walking feels so much fun. In addition to the many and varied transportation available, various types of hotels are widely encountered in Ubud. Starting from hotels, villas or upscale resorts.

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