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The beach in Bali is very beautiful. One of them located in the famous Nusa Penida island. Here are 6 mandatory tourist attractions when you visit the place again. Nusa Penida Bali is one area that is visited by many local and foreign tourists. Visiting Bali will make you even more excited, especially if you visit Nusa Penida.
For the surrounding community, Nusa Penida is considered to be one of the natural beauties that cannot be left alone. On the other hand many people still don't know that Bali has Nusa Penida tourist attractions because it is still very clean and rarely touched by tourists. If you want to visit here with the Bali car rental with driver, you will definitely enjoy the beautiful scenery and be amazed by its natural resources and can be enjoyed easily.
The following we will discuss about several tourist places or destinations that are often visited on Nusa Penida.
1. Pasug Uug
The first tourist spot named Pasih Uug. This place is commonly known as one of the beaches that attracts the attention of many visitors. In addition, the place is a beach that is very suitable for phenomenal photo spots. Many tourists come here just to get an attractive and quality photo. Pasih Uug is often one of the mandatory destinations if you visit Nusa Penida.
The beach which has a bridge and a hole in the middle is so beautiful because it formed naturally with a large amount of water eroded. Coupled with the expanse of the surrounding sea views, this place cannot be found anywhere else. On the other hand when visiting during the day you can easily see various stingrays and dolphins swimming wildly. But keep in mind that you must maintain cleanliness and safety when it comes to Pasih Uug.

2. Angel's Billabong
Furthermore, the most visited tourist destination that is visited is Angel's Billabong. The location is not far from Pasih Uug, it has its own beauty and is different which cannot be found in other areas.
Angel's Billabong is like a naturally formed pool. This pool is surrounded by different colored rocks in each place. If you visit at night, this place is very clear. You can swim down there. It's just that, do not come when June because the pool water will decrease due to wind from Australia. Therefore the waves will be very high and irregular. You will definitely be banned from swimming because it will endanger safety.

3. Paluang Cliff
The next destination in Nusa Penida Bali travel is a must-visit called Paluang Cliff. If you want to see the sunrise or sunset, then you can come to Paluang Cliff. This place is quite close to the area or other interesting destinations. Named the little finger Secret point, you can visit Paluang Cliff using a motorbike in about 7 minutes and the location can be easily searched. Paluang Cliff is a spot that allows visitors to be able to see cliffs or rocks. But it can't be used to swim or enjoy the beach. It could be said that Paluang Cliff entered into one of the spots to be able to see the beauty of the stone. Cliff is one of the best spots to watch sunset and many people or new visitors come to this place when the sun sets.

4. Pinkie Beach
After discussing about Paluang Cliff, it is not legitimate if you do not visit Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida. Pinkie Beach if you catch a glimpse looks like a little finger. Here you can see extraordinary scenery that is no less beautiful as in Ubud. Because the beauty of this beach can only be enjoyed from a distance, local people refer to Pinkie Beach as an area point or Secret Spot. But over time, the way has been opened to be able to go down and be able to immediately enjoy the beach or play on the sand. The scenery is unique and the sand is very fine.
Of course the shades of the beach are very pleasant plus the incredible scenery. But keep in mind that you should not litter in this place. Because this place is untouched and still very clean or has very clear water.

5. Crystal Bay
Crystal Bay is one place or area that you must visit. This place is like Ancol. This beach has been commercialized because of its very easy access and many figures and visitors. This place is very well known for its beautiful beaches and easy to reach. Here you can enjoy sunset and white sand combined with green and very clear sea water. Unfortunately this beach will be very crowded when the weekend arrives.

6. Seganing Waterfall
Bored on vacation to the beach? No need to worry because Nusa Penida has another tourist spot called Seganing Waterfall. This waterfall has a view that is no less beautiful with super clear water. For those of you who like fishing, it's right to go here because you get a variety of fish that are diverse and taste good when cooked. But for those of you who want to come to the waterfall, you have to go through several areas or roads that are quite narrow and very steep cliffs, so you must be careful and ask for help from the surrounding community who better understand the terrain. On the other hand there must also be passing through the bush. But if you are afraid of heights it is not recommended to come to this waterfall.

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Belimbing Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan Bali has extensive agricultural land.
But on the other hand, there are things that must be maintained with a strong commitment. The challenge is for land not to change functions.
Several hectares of agricultural land have indeed undergone land conversion.
It's just that, conversion does not become a housing or concrete area, but changes into plantation land. This is because in the southern region of the local village (Subak Suranadi), now the regeneration crisis of farmers or cultivators of rice fields has begun to decrease.
In addition to the commitment to safeguarding the conversion of land, Belimbing Village that can be visited using Bali car rental with driver is also now starting to prepare tourism support facilities such as trekking routes to accommodation preparation. At present, this village already has a trekking route so that it can cross rice fields with terracing contours, including waterfall attractions.
Belimbing does have an exotic village landscape, including a stretch of terraced rice fields that have become global. The rice fields that were once used as locations for bulk coffee roasters have been famous throughout the world and are not inferior to Jatiluwih or other areas that rely on terraced rice fields. While visiting Belimbing village during your Bali tours, Belimbing has terraced agricultural land with an area of ​​more than 300 hectares and is divided into six subaks including Subak Mas, Subak Gemuh, Subak Nyanglad, Subak Teben Telabah, Subak Duren Taluh, Subak Suranadi. Then, Belimbing also has two waterfalls that have been arranged, namely Singsing Benben and Singsing Sade.
Most foreign tourists come here from France because they enjoy nature, especially across trekking paths that cross agricultural land

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Tourism villages in Tabanan are now starting to prepare tourism support facilities such as tracking paths to preparing accommodation. Like Belimbing Village, Pupuan, which currently has a tracking path by crossing the rice fields with terracing contours, is also included for waterfall attractions.
According to data that was successfully obtained, Belimbing village has many interesting and exotic potentials and can be visited during Bali tour. Like terraced rice fields that have been worldwide. Rice fields that had been used as locations for mass coffee roasting are well-known throughout the world and not inferior to Jatiluwih or other areas that rely on terraced rice fields.
Belimbing village has a terraced agricultural land with an area of ​​460 hectares divided into six subaks including Subak Mas, Subak Gemuh, Subak Nyanglad, Subak Teben Telabah, Subak Duren Taluh, Subak Suranadi.
Then, Belimbing village also has two waterfalls which have been arranged for the arrangement, namely Singsing Bemben and Singsing Sade.
Belimbing Village supplies said that they strongly support the effort to develop the Belimbing Village to become a tourist village and become a tourist destination. They do not want the public to only be an audience without being able to enjoy the results, so that the preparation of supporting facilities and infrastructure so that tourists want to visit in cooperation with all parties in the village.
The village, which is divided into eight banjar offices, admitted that it had been visited by tourists since 2010.
Over time, every tourist, especially local tourists, promotes it through social media like Facebook. Foreign tourists have also started to come here, especially from France who love tracking.
International tourists who come here most from France because they enjoy nature, especially through tracking paths that cross agricultural land. Meanwhile, one of the local village leaders, admits that there is still a need to do structuring, especially infrastructure.
In addition to infrastructure, how to choose photo spots and tracking paths that do not saturate travellers.
So, tourists who come will be satisfied to enjoy Belimbing Village which has this stunning view.
Belimbing village which is a fairly remote tourism area should synergy with other villages. So that by synergistic it will have more interesting potential. With an attractive potential between villages with one another, unsatisfied tourists come here.

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