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Bali was elected as the Most Beautiful Island of the Year 2015 version of Conde Nast Traveler magazine's tourism reliable. Decisive victory in this award is not a jury or a professional editor. Rights judgment gives entirely the authority of the votes of readers and viewers.
"Congratulations for Bali, Indonesia tourism icon. It would be a good capital for promoting Bali more aggressively forward. Because of the island's international reputation and more reliable, "said Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism of Indonesia, in Jakarta.

Condé Nast Traveler award it actually has long become an annual event. Their event already held more than ten years. It's quite a prestigious award in the field of tourism. "Bali is complete. Its culture is very strong, exceptional and many natural attractions that would be explored, one would not be finished Sunday to enjoy the beauty of Bali, "said Arief Yahya.

For the readers of Condé Nast Traveler, Bali is heaven. The small island across eastern Java which can be visited using Bali car rental service was considered to hypnotize the citizens of the world to visit there. In fact, Bali is rich in attractions, have access to the best and complete. From nautical tourism, surfing, snorkeling, diving, and sport tourism, Bali is a dream of many people. Bali has Kintamani, Ubud, and Mount Agung. From beaches to mountains, panoramic Bali is second to none.

About culture? Bali is the champion. Bali save a million charm. About the event, Bali is also a variety of festivals and every month held. From religious to custom, all there. Various dances gave energetic and dynamic memory not easily disappear in the minds of tourists. Not to mention the amazing variety of handicrafts. Sculpture, carving, painting, or souvenirs are sold at an affordable price. This is what makes Condé Nast Traveler readers captivated by Bali.

Tourist attractions interact with elephants in Indonesia is identical to the Way Kambas National Park in Lampung. But in Bali there is any attractions that invite tourists to "get acquainted" closer to the elephants, even among them there are the elephants that come from Way Kambas, Lampung.

Tourist attraction is Elephant Safari Park in the village of Taro, Gianyar Bali. The elephants were from Sumatra island, some of them from the Way Kambas. The visitors can visit the Museum Gajah to see the various collections of elephant-themed crafts. There is also a series of information boards explaining the history of the elephant. Also fossil mammoth and elephant skeleton.

Moving on from the Elephant Museum, visitors can continue to field an elephant. There appear to be some elephants were busy eating amid sprawling grounds. Keseruan see elephants directly deepened. Because in the area feeding the elephants, visitors can touch the elephants directly. Funnily enough, while feeding, visitors can take pictures with the elephants.

Nusantara Mask Festival or Festival Topeng Nusantara which for the first time will be held in Gianyar Bali, will certainly lively. Ensuring a number of regions will participate in the festival, which was originally held 5 to 7 December next is in the village of Mas, Ubud Bali.
Six provinces have confirmed to send their masks artists, such as Yogyakarta, Jakarta, West Java, East Java and some other areas. Covers ISI Yogyakarta, Studio Kencana Mas Jakarta, Sueryo Soemirat Solo Dance Studio, Studio Pering Gading Cirebon, and Kedungmonggo Malang Mask Dance Classes. While the host is studio Kakul Mas, Batuan.
The festival was expected to be followed by all regions. But there are several obstacles such as not all regions have art masks, like Bali, and most areas in Java. But by taking some parts of the region, it is expected that the festival will be held at Wantilan Pura Taman Bule, Desa Mas, Ubud Bali goes according to plan. Areas that ensure self-involved, the studios of Java. Since most of the existing art masks in Bali and Java, and is still strong. Together with the puppet arts.
The plan, At this mask festival, in addition to the exhibition will be held masks. Activities that will take place over three days that will be filled with the Bali mask dance performances, and mask seminars.