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Yeh Sanih natural pool today has become the choice of many people to spend leisure time. Yeh Sanih located 17 Km from Singaraja City, or more precisely in the village of Indigenous Yeh Sanih, District Kubutambahan, Singaraja, is a Bali tour that is worth visiting if traveling to North Bali. Natural pool that is managed by the local village, a pool known as the springs straight out of the ground.

The spring water is always water out endlessly. The springs are located in the southeast of the pool. It is said that the eyes of the water comes from underground streams, which comes from Lake Batur, which is located quite far that is hundreds of kilometers from Yeh Sanih. It is based on the stories circulating in the community, about a grandfather who lost the ducks on Lake Batur. Then a few days later, the duck belonging to the grandfather, was found in Yeh Sanih.

Yeh Sanih famous for its natural. This place has a beautiful natural atmosphere, making visitors feel at home. It feel fresh after a dip in the pool where the water is crystal clear without chlorine. Yeh Sanih Swimming Pool which you can visit by using Bali Tour service divided into two pools, the first child is on the right locker and adult pool facing directly out to sea. adults pool has a depth of 2 meters. Yeh Sanih close to Lovina Beach which makes it more interesting. Visitors can soak satisfied while watching the beauty of the sea in the front view. Because away from the crowd, and the atmosphere is so serene, silent and very suitable for those who come with the intention of calming down of the daily noise.

Despite its location is near the beach, but the water in Yeh Sanih still fresh, not salty, cool and refreshing. Once satisfied swim in the pool, visitors often spend his time sitting relax on the beach while enjoying the supplies they carry. There also are continuing to down the beach, playing on the beach and some are rolling freely under fairly shady trees by the beach. For visitors who do not bring supplies, do not need to worry. There are rows of vendors selling food. If from the swimming pool, located just a few meters to the left of the pool.