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If you are doing Bali tour don't forget to spend your time to visit the area Tenganan Karangasem regency which is famous for the production of weaving gringsing. Tenganan local community make this gringsing woven from generation to generation. Weaving is also evidence of civilization ancestors Tenganan high in his day. For gringsing weaving loom is not haphazard. Using the techniques of the famous double ikat requires high level expertise and patience.
According to one tour guide in Bali transport said that in the world there are only three countries that produce double ikat, Japan, India and Indonesia from Tenganan Village, the manufacturing process is so complicated weaving gringsing. One sheet of fabric can take 2-5 years of craftsmanship using loom machines.
The process of weaving gringsing made of spinning cotton into yarn, then dyeing yarn with natural dyes made many times. This is what distinguishes Bali gringsing woven with other weaving, pattern making has actually done during the dyeing process color by binding.