Trekking Tours in Tabanan Belimbing Village, Crossing Green Paddy Fields

Belimbing Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan Bali has extensive agricultural land.
But on the other hand, there are things that must be maintained with a strong commitment. The challenge is for land not to change functions.
Several hectares of agricultural land have indeed undergone land conversion.
It's just that, conversion does not become a housing or concrete area, but changes into plantation land. This is because in the southern region of the local village (Subak Suranadi), now the regeneration crisis of farmers or cultivators of rice fields has begun to decrease.
In addition to the commitment to safeguarding the conversion of land, Belimbing Village that can be visited using Bali car rental with driver is also now starting to prepare tourism support facilities such as trekking routes to accommodation preparation. At present, this village already has a trekking route so that it can cross rice fields with terracing contours, including waterfall attractions.
Belimbing does have an exotic village landscape, including a stretch of terraced rice fields that have become global. The rice fields that were once used as locations for bulk coffee roasters have been famous throughout the world and are not inferior to Jatiluwih or other areas that rely on terraced rice fields. While visiting Belimbing village during your Bali tours, Belimbing has terraced agricultural land with an area of ​​more than 300 hectares and is divided into six subaks including Subak Mas, Subak Gemuh, Subak Nyanglad, Subak Teben Telabah, Subak Duren Taluh, Subak Suranadi. Then, Belimbing also has two waterfalls that have been arranged, namely Singsing Benben and Singsing Sade.
Most foreign tourists come here from France because they enjoy nature, especially across trekking paths that cross agricultural land

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