Festival and Ceremony

Various Interesting Festival and Ceremony event

Raising the theme of "The Shine of Peninsula Island", the Nusa Dua Bali Light Festival offers a light garden that offers the beauty of lights with colorful and stunning shapes.

Here we will find ornament of Dragon Palace theme, hence there will be lampion-shaped lanterns shining and there are also fairy-themed fairy lanties, as well as game rides like Euro Bungie Trampoline, Lampion Car.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy the music and pavilion in the arena that made similar outdoor recreation place with the sound of carnival and many more. To visit Nusa Dua Light Festival, tourists can contact Bali tour service for transportation needed.

Nusa Dua Light Festival is present to accompany the people of Bali on 17 June to 31 July and opened at 17:00 until 22:00 every day.
Promotion Division of PT Indonesia Tourism Development Corporate (ITDC) Nusa Dua, as the committee said the new event was first held in Nusa Dua it will be a special attraction for tourists who visit southern Bali.

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Ubud Village Jazz Festival 4th will be held on 12-13 August 2016 at the ARMA Museum and Resort, Ubud. The event featured the array of world-class musicians. Uphold the unity in diversity and uniqueness of jazz musicians is a sub theme UVJF. Commitment festival which has the slogan "Respect uniqueness and tolerance" is to produce a series of jazz performances and unique character. Ubud Village Jazz Festival 4th involves a new artist, the legendary musician, and a group of students in the field of jazz.
Legendary jazz musician from Indonesia such as Margie Segers, Oele Pattiselano, Glen Dauna, The Daunas (Glen Dauna and his son, Rega and Indra), Jeffrey Tahalele, and Arief Setiadi. Also present was also Reuben Rogers, along with world-class bass player Peter Bernstein, one of the most respected jazz guitarist and an inspiration to many musicians. LOUIS! Project Dutchman who brought the songs of Louis Armstrong will bring every audience into full swing era with atmospheric blues and vocal improvisation that makes us feel in the area of origin Jazz, New Orleans.
For the first time in Indonesia, Youn Woo Park Trio from South Korea will enliven Ubud Village Jazz Festival 4th. Ian Sionti Trio, the cooperation of Accion Cultural Espanola and UVJF will present a mix of flamenco jazz, traditional music of Spain. Julian Banks, a trio collaboration with the Australian consulate in Bali will be a unique look with the composition of the bass, drums, saxophone and drums Sunda. Not forgetting Yuko Shirota of Japan which will feature jazz music with a unique style. Mia Samira, Salamander Big Band (Bandung), Bali Gypsies Fire, Joyfe Jazz Quintet, and East West Jazz Ensemble feat Gregory Gaynair (Germany) will contribute to quench the thirst of the audience for jazz every two days.
Ubud Village Jazz Festival is not just about the music performances, but also there are 26 booths of food, beverages and Balinese handicrafts. There are three stage performances on the theme is different in each stage. Rice stage inspired by the agricultural traditions of Bali, Giri stage to symbolize the greatness of Mount Agung, and Subak irrigation system symbolizes the famous Bali. Supported and reinforced by most of the local communities, Ubud Village Jazz Festival has become one of the most respected jazz festivals in Southeast Asia. Each member of the team of volunteers who come from various backgrounds, such as the arts, media, video, design, music, and food. This is the spirit of Ubud Village Jazz Festival, the festival is small but with a great message.
Ubud Village Jazz Festival which can be visited during your Bali Tour and for the third time also working to promote jazz education in Indonesia. Bali Jazz Summer School will be held for 3 days before the festival which will be divided into 6 different music classes, namely drums, piano, vocals, saxophone, trumpet, and bass.

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Nusantara Mask Festival or Festival Topeng Nusantara which for the first time will be held in Gianyar Bali, will certainly lively. Ensuring a number of regions will participate in the festival, which was originally held 5 to 7 December next is in the village of Mas, Ubud Bali.
Six provinces have confirmed to send their masks artists, such as Yogyakarta, Jakarta, West Java, East Java and some other areas. Covers ISI Yogyakarta, Studio Kencana Mas Jakarta, Sueryo Soemirat Solo Dance Studio, Studio Pering Gading Cirebon, and Kedungmonggo Malang Mask Dance Classes. While the host is studio Kakul Mas, Batuan.
The festival was expected to be followed by all regions. But there are several obstacles such as not all regions have art masks, like Bali, and most areas in Java. But by taking some parts of the region, it is expected that the festival will be held at Wantilan Pura Taman Bule, Desa Mas, Ubud Bali goes according to plan. Areas that ensure self-involved, the studios of Java. Since most of the existing art masks in Bali and Java, and is still strong. Together with the puppet arts.
The plan, At this mask festival, in addition to the exhibition will be held masks. Activities that will take place over three days that will be filled with the Bali mask dance performances, and mask seminars.

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