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Bali and two other islands in Indonesia are among the 50 most popular islands in the world on Instagram. This is based on research from a world-famous travel agent, Tourlane on 8 April 2020 ago ( article ).
Research conducted by Tourlane is looking at the hashtags of Instagram on the most popular tourist attractions in the world then ranks the 50 most popular islands.
Launching from the official page, Bali is ranked first by getting the hashtags reaching 60,473,066.
Then, for second place, Ibiza Island in Spain has a total of 16,320,328 hashtags and Sicily Island in Italy is ranked third with a total of 12,974,059 hashtags. Not only Bali which already known for its various Bali tours and adventure program, two other islands in Indonesia, namely Sumatra and Borneo (Kalimantan) are also included in the 50 most popular islands in the world on Instagram.
Sumatra Island is ranked 14th with the number of hashtags reaching 3,391,567. Then Kalimantan / Borneo Island was also ranked 22nd with the number of hashtags reaching 2,493,707.

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Now the city of Singaraja has more and more natural tourism that offers natural beauty, one of which is in Jembong Waterfall, Buleleng, Bali. Not only presenting the beauty of the atmosphere in the vicinity of Jembong Waterfall, now in the same location two swimming pools are built right on the entrance to Jembong Waterfall.
Located in Ambengan Village, Sukada, a swimming pool that offers freshness and beautiful panorama can be enjoyed by anyone who comes to visit Buleleng. Jembong Waterfall is open from 07.00 - 17.00 Wita which you can visit during the Bali tour.
Jembong Waterfall also provides changing room facilities next to the swimming pool. Beside the swimming pool, there is also a bale bengong that visitors can use to rest. Visitors were also treated to a fish pond and a variety of beautiful plants neatly arranged along the road, precisely beside the stairs to the pool and waterfall.
This nature tour offers fresh pond water freshness and can be used as a photo spot to add to your photo album collection.
Not only in the pool area, visitors can go up to Jembong Waterfall and take a photo at a photo spot provided by local residents. Besides that, there are also flying fox games which are divided into three lines. With various facilities offered, Jembong Waterfall deserves to be included in the list of Bali vacation plans.

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Bali is always a favorite tourist spot for tourists both local and foreign tourists. In order for you to enjoy Bali tour differently but still memorable, do the following activities.

1. Take pictures Above the Tree House
Unlike other tree house, tree house Batu Molenteng located at an altitude facing directly Atuh Beach. This location makes the Tree House Batu Molenteng become one of the newest attraction for the tourists. Natural scenery around the tree house is very beautiful, so often many tourists who take pictures there.
In addition Atuh Beach, from this tree house looks too small islands around it (briefly looked like islands in Raja Ampat, Papua), towering cliffs, and a row of hills that make the scene here looks very beautiful.

2. Up Scooter Underwater
Want to feel riding a scooter under the sea? Maybe you could try the Bali Underwater Scooter. Underwater scooters are perfect for those who want to experience diving without having to have difficulties while scuba diving (Such as must have a certificate, experience, and carrying gas cylinders must be picked up everywhere).
Stepping up the underwater scooter, you just stay as comfortable as possible and be able to breathe freely in a special helmet. This helmet allows you breathtaking sea view.
This underwater scooters can go up to a speed of 2 km/h and reaches into up to 20 m below sea level.

3. Roads Classic Car Ride
If you want to get around Bali in a cool way, then try this one vehicle as Bali transport. There are some providers that provide travel packages Bali tour packages a day using the classic Volkswagen car. Most cool again, you are free to choose a route as you wish.
Exploring Bali using Safari classic VW cars is certainly going to be a cool experience unforgettable. Especially if done in conjunction with those nearby, is not it?

4. Picnic In Grass Overlay Beachfront
Want to picnic while enjoying views of the sunset? The Lawn might be a suitable place to visit. This place makes you able to enjoy the breeze, the sound of the waves and of course the gorgeous sunset views reddish orange.
In addition to enjoying the scenery on a colorful mat. The Lawn also provides cradle that can be enjoyed for adults or children.
While soaking up the scenery, you can enjoy a variety of cocktails and other food while lounging on bean bags are soft. The Lawn also provides a hammock, large-sized cushions, as well as bean bags that can be used by visitors.

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