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Balinese culinary widely known is betutu, satay, and pork roll. In addition, there is one other dishes are not less popular, the grilled seafood. This dish rely on a variety of processed marine products were being sold by a restaurant at Jimbaran area which can be reach using bali cab driver.
For those who were in the city of Denpasar, Bali, can go on Jalan Warung Subak Antasura No. 5, Peguyangan, Denpasar and be part of the Dreambox MediaTV outlet. Established since February 6, 2006, Warung Subak is a restaurant with serving a variety of seafood dishes ala Jimbaran.

Being in the area is still beautiful to create an atmosphere surrounded by rice fields Warung Subak was cool. Atmospheric exotic and traditional Balinese feel still feels thick that can be seen from the architecture of the building.
The garden and swimming are laid out nicely enhance the appearance Warung Subak.
The menu will find more to-grill and seafood. There are mussels, shrimp, fish, squid, crab, and others. Visitors can choose the menu for the package or a la carte. Menus package more attractive to the average visitor who came with family, colleagues or group. In one package already available white rice and side dishes.

Each menu is presented is always equipped with three kinds of sauce, the sauce matah, fried chili and soy sauce.
In addition to seafood, are also available menu like grilled chicken. It has included white rice and fresh vegetables.
All processed blended with seasoning that comes from family recipes. Bali with a distinctive flavor and spicy blend of savory flavor blends fit on the tongue.

Jimbaran eating seafood dish style is more delicious when eaten by hand directly, especially when trying the grilled fish. Coupled with three kinds of sauce that is served, make eating more special. Warung Subak provide facilities such as meeting room that can accommodate up to 100 people. There is also space or octagonal octagonal which does not seem stiff and often used by important figures. This room can accommodate 50 people. Total capacity on Warung Subak reached 350 people.

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