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Bali and two other islands in Indonesia are among the 50 most popular islands in the world on Instagram. This is based on research from a world-famous travel agent, Tourlane on 8 April 2020 ago ( article ).
Research conducted by Tourlane is looking at the hashtags of Instagram on the most popular tourist attractions in the world then ranks the 50 most popular islands.
Launching from the official page, Bali is ranked first by getting the hashtags reaching 60,473,066.
Then, for second place, Ibiza Island in Spain has a total of 16,320,328 hashtags and Sicily Island in Italy is ranked third with a total of 12,974,059 hashtags. Not only Bali which already known for its various Bali tours and adventure program, two other islands in Indonesia, namely Sumatra and Borneo (Kalimantan) are also included in the 50 most popular islands in the world on Instagram.
Sumatra Island is ranked 14th with the number of hashtags reaching 3,391,567. Then Kalimantan / Borneo Island was also ranked 22nd with the number of hashtags reaching 2,493,707.

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In addition to beach tourism, Bali has an endless variety of tourist attractions to visit.
Besides being able to eliminate fatigue, by visiting educational attractions we get knowledge and experience that is very useful.
The following are educational attractions that we can visit while in Bali Tours.

1. Sari Segara Silk Agrotourism in Badung
Sari Segara Silk Agrotourism is located in Banjar Lateng, Sibang Kaja, Abiansemal, Badung, Bali.
This agrotourism is engaged in the cultivation of silkworms. And also provide knowledge about the process of developing silkworms.
Starting from the introduction of silkworms, mulberry cultivation as a caterpillar feed, silkworm maintenance to the process of making yarn.
Here we can also immediately see the process of weaving silk fabric so that the yarn can become high-quality silk cloth.
This agrotourism provides education ranging from kindergarten to university level on how to cultivate silkworms and teach the process from yarn to woven cloth. In addition, here are also taught to color, paint and slam. This agrotourism becomes a choice of tourism which at the same time reduces, and provides useful experiences about silkworms and the high value products they are able to produce.

2. Giri Alam Agrotourism in Bangli
Bangli is one of the best Arabica coffee producers in Bali.
The progress of citrus-flavored coffee farming in Bangli, has received a Geographical Indication certificate, as the superior coffee of Bali.
It also helped boost the development of agro-tourism areas. One of them is Giri Alam Agro Tourism in Banjar Petung, Kintamani Bangli. Giri Alam Agrotourism has a model land area of 2 hectares, out of a total area of around 20 hectares.
Its development uses intercropping patterns, integrated between plants and livestock. As a model of mini agricultural etalation in Bangli, 4 concepts were applied.
First the concept of ecology, which refers to nature conservation and organic materials.
Second, the concept of education to visitors and the community about the practice of managing coffee plantations.
The third concept is aesthetics. By utilizing natural resources combined with socio-cultural values and natural beauty.
The fourth concept is economics. There is added value or input to develop community welfare.

3. Munduk Nangka Agro Tourism in Jembrana
Munduk Nangka Agro Tourism is located in Banjar Tangi Meyeh, Berambang Village, Negara District, Jembrana. This agrotourism is complemented by Rabbit Park for educational tours.
In this place visitors can participate in harvesting, tracking in the middle of rice fields and landscape tours. In addition there are also several spots that can be used for selfies.
Among them, a platform made of bamboo that faces directly into the middle of rice fields decorated with colorful farmer's hats. There is also a cafeteria that can be used by visitors to relax while enjoying the natural rice field views.
This tourism object is only about 4 kilometers from Negara City to Berambang Village. Then when he gets to the Tangi Meyeh Temple turn right or go east for about 300 meters. After arriving at the Meyeh Subak Tangi Hall, the visitor only has to walk along the concrete rebate road to reach the Munduk Nangka Agro Tourism site.

4. Bandeng Village and Agro Tourism in Buleleng
In the Village of Bandeng and Agrotourism we can enjoy a variety of educational tours ranging from fishing tourism, agricultural tourism, and nature tourism. For fishery tourism, it consists of Bandeng cultivation by the local community. Starting from producing, milling to enlarging Bandeng.
In this place also produced culinary Bandeng that were transformed into various types of snacks such as Bandeng Presto, brains, shredded Bandeng and others.
This is an interesting tour for guests who come to Kampung Bandeng and Agrotourism, located on Jalan Singaraja-Gilimanuk, Sanggalangit Village, Gerogak, Bali which can be visited using Bali car rental service.
In addition to fishing tourism, agricultural tourism in this place is also very interesting and educational. we can see firsthand the production of oranges, Guava to Green Grapes.
In this place we will also see first hand a vineyard owned by one of the largest wine companies in Bali, Hatten Wines Bali. Furthermore, there is a Nature Tourism consisting of Buana Ecofarm which has various facilities such as homestays, to public fishing.
Then there is Srikandi Pool, Culinary Kiosk, Taman Segara Recreation and we can enjoy the village ring road while enjoying various tours that are presented in the village. Visitors can also cycling fun around all the tours offered at the venue.

5. Secret Garden Village
Secret Garden Village is located on Jalan Raya Denpasar-Bedugul KM 36 Luwus, Baturiti, Tabanan Bali. The Secret Garden Village stands on an area of approximately 35,000 square meters. The building is divided into three main parts. Inside the three buildings are Oemah Herborist, Black Eye Coffee and Roastery, The Luwus Restaurant and Rice View Restaurant.
Secret Garden Village offers two types of educational tours, namely the education of making cosmetic products at Oemah Herborist and coffee education at Black Eye Coffee and Roastery.
Beauty tour "Omah Herborist" presents the process of making cosmetics properly and correctly.
Each tour will be accompanied by a guide who invites to tour and explain what facilities are owned by the Secret Garden Village which is also equipped with a museum, mini plant, theater and beauty outlet. At the Fragrance bar visitors can choose different variants of perfume with different scents.
Meanwhile, at Beauty Oulet, visitors can not only find body care products, there are also herbal corner, beauty corner, spa corner, snack bar, souvenirs and others. If you have finished enjoying the beauty tour, visitors can continue the tour to Black Eye Coffee and Roastery.
There, visitors will again be presented with a tour in which the process of making coffee from raw beans to the packaging will be shown. After getting complete information about coffee, there is also Coffee Store and Coffee Bar where visitors can directly have coffee beans.
Coffee Store provides a wide selection of Nusantara coffee such as Kintamani Bali and others.
In addition, various merchandise such as T-Shirts, Black Eye Coffee and Roastery typical mugs are also sold here. While relaxing at the Coffee Bar, visitors can enjoy coffee with a cool rice field atmosphere.
It feels incomplete if when traveling does not capture the moment in the photo.
In the Secret Garden village, visitors will find a selfie bridge to take pictures and a large collection of interesting 3D art images to capture. The most interesting and prominent 3D art, located in the backyard of Black Eye Coffee and Roastery. A picture of a large coffee cup is clearly visible there.
Every corner in the Secret Garden Village also has its artistic power, so it is perfect for capturing unforgettable vacation moments.

6. Balitopia Butterfly Park
Bali Zoo officially opened the Balitopia Butterfly Park on Jalan Pantai Saba, Gianyar.
This place can also be one of our choices to enjoy the holiday by visiting educational Bali tours. This 10-acre butterfly garden has a concept that combines the wilderness of butterfly habitats with tropical forests that are equipped with a variety of colorful plants and flowers.
There are 15 types of butterflies originating from the islands of Bali and Java released in a dome that looks lush filled with plants.
Not only interacting directly with butterflies, visitors can also see the process of butterfly metamorphosis, ranging from caterpillars, larvae to becoming a beautiful butterfly.
Balitopia Butterfly Park offers a variety of educational programs such as butterfly release, keeper talk and animal encounter. For visitors who want to feel the thrill of direct interaction and being surrounded by thousands of butterflies. Visitors can also see the process of metamorphosis in butterflies, ranging from caterpillars, larvae to becoming a beautiful butterfly.
In addition to the butterfly garden, in the area adjacent to Saba Beach there are also a variety of insects, reptiles, poultry to deer. After a tour enjoying the butterfly park, visitors can relax at the Flamingo Bali Family Beach Club which has a family friendly concept.
There is a cafe, swimming pool, playground and a place to relax while enjoying views of Saba Beach.

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The year 2019 will soon end, domestic and foreign tourists are enjoying Bali Tours and year-end holidays on the island of Bali. The following are New Year's Eve 2020 activities in Bali for the Kuta area and surrounding areas such as the Kuta Beach Fireworks Festival to present the New Year's Eve Celebration. This event will be enlivened by Local and International DJs who are predicted to be the biggest fireworks party in Kuta. The last sunset moment in 2019 became a hunt for photographers or tourists who are on Kuta Beach.
But keep in mind since the afternoon along the Kuta Beach road will be imposed free closure of motor vehicles or car free day until the end of the new year knows. So you can take advantage of Bali car rental services to visit Kuta beach.
Then to welcome and celebrate the new year 2020, GWK Cultural Park held a New Year's Eve Celebration event titled Bali Countdown 2020.
Bali Countdown 2020 was held on 31 December 2019 with a musical performance and a fireworks party. The event which was held since 17.00 Wita will present a series of local musicians.
To mark the peak of the turn of the year, GWK Cultural Park as a proud tourist destination of Bali presents "The Biggest Fireworks Show in Bali".

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