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Tourist attractions interact with elephants in Indonesia is identical to the Way Kambas National Park in Lampung. But in Bali there is any attractions that invite tourists to "get acquainted" closer to the elephants, even among them there are the elephants that come from Way Kambas, Lampung.

Tourist attraction is Elephant Safari Park in the village of Taro, Gianyar Bali. The elephants were from Sumatra island, some of them from the Way Kambas. The visitors can visit the Museum Gajah to see the various collections of elephant-themed crafts. There is also a series of information boards explaining the history of the elephant. Also fossil mammoth and elephant skeleton.

Moving on from the Elephant Museum, visitors can continue to field an elephant. There appear to be some elephants were busy eating amid sprawling grounds. Keseruan see elephants directly deepened. Because in the area feeding the elephants, visitors can touch the elephants directly. Funnily enough, while feeding, visitors can take pictures with the elephants.

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