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The beauty of Bali the Island of Gods, among the world tourists is no doubt. Not only has tourist attractions that are still natural. Bali also has a unique culture. Penglipuran Village, located in Bangli which you can visit using Bali cab or Bali car rental service, is one of the attractions that can attract tourists. Every December the Penglipuran Village Festival (PVF) is held. PVF 2019 is an effort to improve the quality of the Penglipuran tourism village, as well as other villages in the Bangli region.
PVF cultural festival held by the community together. The Bangli Regency Government also manages the Penglipuran Tourism Village and has organized its 7th year.
This is also one of the Bali Recovery programs supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf).
Penglipuran Village is known as the first example of a tourist village in Indonesia known to be one of the Bali Tours destination. The village was awarded the Kalpataru award. In 2016 Penglipuran was chosen as the 3rd cleanest village in the world according to the international magazine Boombastic and in 2017 was awarded the 2017 ISTA (Indonesia Tourism Tourism Award) with the best ranking in the category of cultural preservation.
The latest awards, Penglipuran Bali and Pemuteran included in the Green Destinations Foundation's Top 100 Sustainable Destinations. PVF is held at the end of each year coupled with the welcoming of the new year. The series of PVF 2019 activities included an opening featuring the Bali Tempo Traditional Clothing Parade, Barong Ngelawang, and other Cultural Arts Parades, and various competitions.

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