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Ubud Art Market is in very strategic location, looking for it is very easy because this art market is right in the Ubud-Bali tourism center that you can visit by Bali car rental with driver service. The exact address is on Jalan Ubud No. 35 right in front of the royal palace of Ubud, which is called Puri Saren Ubud.

There are two main areas within the Ubud traditional art market, namely the western and eastern regions. For the western region of the traditional Ubud art market, it sells more merchandise in the form of art crafts. Whereas for the eastern region markets sell more daily staples such as sugar, rice and other basic necessities.

The Ubud art market has a multi-storey building so it seems very spacious, one of the reasons why it is called the Ubud art market more because of its location in the Ubud area, so this name is agreed and famous until now. The Ubud art market opening hours start at 4:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and are not subject to entry fees to enter the market area.

The best time to visit the traditional art market in Ubud is in the morning, because there is a Balinese belief to facilitate sales for one day, having to sell merchandise in the morning, although fortunately thin. The belief of Balinese in trading is known as the term "commodity trading".

So, if you want to shop at the traditional Ubud art market and want to get a chance to bargain at a cheap price, then you should visit in the morning. In addition to being able to bargain at low prices when visiting in the morning, the Ubud traditional art market is also not too crowded in the morning, compared to visiting during the day, because it is already crowded with visits by many travelers and tourists from all over the world.

The wares in the traditional Ubud Bali art market are quite good at relatively cheap prices. But to get a cheap price, of course you as a buyer must be good at bidding. Most traders take merchandise directly from home craftsmen, which makes the price of goods cheaper.

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