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The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF) will be held again on October 23-27 2019 that you can visit during your Bali Tours. This year the theme raised was Karma. The festival initiated by the Swari Saraswati Mudra Foundation targets a minimum of 25,000 visitors.
This year UWRF will welcome more than 180 speakers from 30 countries. They will fill more than 170 programs such as discussions, special events, writing and cultural workshops, book launches, film screenings, art exhibitions to music shows.
Later, there will be three main locations that will host the main program, namely the Festival Hub at Taman Baca, Indus Restaurant, and the NEKA Art Museum. the three of which are located on Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Ubud that can be reach by using Bali car rental service.
This is the 16th year, where the festival has attracted the interest of internationally respected writers, artists, activists and players. In this festival, you can meet Tony Wheeler from Lonely Planet, author of Trainspotting Irvine Welsh, famous food writer, restaurant owner and famous chef Yoham Ottolenghi, bestselling author and New Yorker staff writer Susan Orlean, social historian Lucy Inglis, founder of Jakarta Foreign Correspondent Club Frank Palmos, and many others.

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