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Not a few of the foreign and domestic tourists who want to do yoga classes in Bali while on vacation to get a different situation (more soothing to the soul). But from the great desire to do yoga in Bali, there are also some reasons they are afraid to try yoga classes in Bali, their doubts come because of various reasons, ranging from feeling scared by being judged by other students when joining a yoga class, feeling too fat so looks too underpowered to be less flexible in moving.
This might be because they got the wrong impression from the appearance of yoga teacher actors who looked perfect with a well-formed body and could make movements that seemed impossible for everyone. This is clearly wrong because yoga is actually useful for everyone.
Yoga is not only for shaping the body, but also enhancing health and endurance, strengthening posture, overcoming various health problems, reducing stress and controlling emotions within. The nature of yoga is not competitive so anyone can do it. So, there is no reason not to try yoga classes in Bali.
When you visit a yoga class that can be delivered by the Bali car rental with driver then before starting yoga there are a few tips for beginners:
Understand that what is called 'yoga expert' in some yoga classes in Bali does not really exist. Yoga is not a competitive sport, and even the teachers can always find a variety of movements that bring different benefits. Yoga is a means of exploring the body and calming the mind, and recognizing yourself better. So, anyone can immediately do a yoga class in Bali without any doubts and limitations between the beginner and the yoga expert. Don't think too much when you want to start training a pose, just do it! Follow all movement safety instructions and allow your body to adjust, even if you are doing a difficult pose, but if you do not think about the difficulty of doing the movement, then your body will consciously adjust.
Understand that no one will judge you while in a yoga studio and realize that all are in the learning stage. There may be students who are more proficient and flexible in doing yoga poses, but when the practice starts, everyone will be busy concentrating on practicing, so who will look at you? Practice with an open mind and full of patience. Don't judge a yoga session too often as a matter of 'no use.' Understand that yoga is a long process, and the impact is not instantaneous but will appear little by little.
Don't compare yourself to others in a yoga room. Someone who can put a foot behind his head while balancing his entire body on his arm is not your rival. You don't know how the person practices and focuses on what they do, how long they practice, or maybe they are blessed with very flexible hips. What you need at that time is not to rival them but focus on yourself on the mat at that time.

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For more than eighty years, which is located in Ubud Gianyar, Bali, has enthralled foreign travelers. Ubud is able to provide long lasting memories for everyone who comes to visit.
In fact, Ubud became a search of love Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, which is then made into a film of the same name and starring Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. There are a variety of experiences that can be learned for tourists.

Ubud itself is seen as a center of art and culture, a place of romance which also make it a place for wedding in Ubud, this is where Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall got married. Not surprisingly, each tourist activity was related to culture, closeness to nature, the spiritual, and the relationship between human beings. Every activity in Ubud was finally able to give a deep impression on them.
You are interested in spending time in Ubud? Be prepared to fall in love at the magical aura of Ubud. Aura that makes you calm and always make you yearn to return to Ubud. Balinese people call this aura as "taksu". Here are some tourist activities you can do in Ubud.

Yoga in the morning. Ubud synonymous with yoga. People come from all over the world to learn yoga in Ubud. Not just for beginners, professionals also enjoy sessions of yoga in Ubud.
Hotels and villas in Ubud also polish up with yoga. Start of providing free yoga classes for guests to provide a special place for yoga. Most places that yoga has natural scenery such as a garden or views of the rice fields.
One of the famous Yoga is the Yoga Barn at Hanuman Road. Yoga Barn has a variety of yoga classes both for the short and intensive class. Greet the morning with yoga sun in the middle of the natural scenery typical of Ubud.

Riding a bike on the edge of the fields. Remember the scene Julia Roberts in the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" on a bicycle with paddy field background? Yes, mountain bike riding in ubud, in the middle of rice fields are the most popular activities of tourists during a trip in Ubud.
Bicycle rental is actually easy to find which also usually provided free of use by the hotels and villas in Ubud. Starting from just around the city center to rent a mountain bike to ride as far to Kintamani. It is better you take a package tour by bike.
With this cycling package, you will be invited to guide around the fields and into the village locals. You are free to interact and feel the hospitality typical of the people of Ubud.
If you do not want to ride, come along trekking tour by walking across the rice paddies and into the village. This is the direct experience of interacting with the Balinese people and get to know the life and culture in which they live.

Learning to cook Balinese food. Cooking classes in Ubud was rising. The restaurant and the hotel provides a cooking class or cooking classes for tourists. The material taught is Balinese menus such as satay and lawar, as well as Indonesian cuisine such as fried rice, gado-gado, or yellow rice.
Interested in trying to cook culinary Bali? Try go Paon Bali in Laplapan who have cooking classes at home. Restaurant Casa Luna is also famous as a place to learn to cook and is regarded as the first restaurant opened a cooking class.
Participants will be invited to a cooking class usually prior to the traditional markets. Therefore, some of the classes started in the morning. Currently on the market, participants will buy direct materials needed.

A traditional medicine consultation Ketut Liyer. Spa and wellness in Ubud growing rapidly spoil tourists who come. But local communities themselves have known traditional treatment using natural materials as medicine since ancient.
Traditional medicine is like a spa, massage therapy and spiritual aspects with emphasis on meditation. Balinese society called the "doctor" is traditionally known as "healers".
One of the "healers" in the famous Ubud is Ketut Arsana. For more than 25 years, he gives treatment with massage therapy and herbal medicines. While Ketut Liyer, "healers" who became famous through his appearance in the novel and movie "Eat, Pray, Love" meditation therapy approach.

Culinary tour. Because Ubud tourism has developed since before the era of Indonesian independence, culinary appear in Ubud is also very diverse. You can find culinary Europe to America. Call it the typical gelato Italian, Japanese, Mexican tacos and burritos typical, until typical French cuisine.
Typical culinary Indonesia, especially Bali was so popular in Ubud. Try fried duck call Balinese, is definitely the first so-called restaurants in Ubud that sells fried duck. Or, rice epileptic Mrs. Mangku Kedewatan until chicken betutu in Public Arts.

Visit the museum. Ubud is a district with the largest museum in Gianyar. There are six museums can be visited. Almost everything related to art and painting.
For example, the Museum Puri Paintings which is the first museum in Bali. The museum displays a collection of paintings of Bali in the course of three eras, ranging from the kingdom of Bali to the independence of Indonesia.
There are also other art museums such as the Neka Art Museum, Don Antonio Blanco Museum, Museum Rudana, and Agung Rai Museum of Art. While the latest museum owned Ubud is the Museum Marketing 3.0, which was inaugurated in 2011.

Kecak Dance of Fire. Not complete without viewing a traditional Balinese dance performances when they travel to Ubud. Moreover, Ubud is considered as the art center of Bali. Very easy to find places that present dance performances in Ubud.
However, the usual dance performances staged at night. Usually in the top seven in the evening. You can watch Legong or Kecak Fire. There are two well-known place to watch the dance of Bali, Pura Dalem and Puri Saren Agung.
Kecak Fire can be seen in the Pura Dalem located at Jalan Raya Ubud. You will be captivated by the magic of the dance. While at Puri Saren Agung, you can see the Legong. In addition to these two places, there are many other places that provide a traditional dance performance and shadow play.

Shopping in Ubud Market. Sign into Ubud Market, you're greeted with bright colors. Traditional markets are located in the city center offers a variety of Balinese handicrafts. Start of woven bags, clothes that read Bali, Balinese traditional clothes, to sculpture and painting.
Try also a variety of snacks sold in this market. Should come in the morning. Therefore, during the day is usually filled by a group of tourists. You can also shopping at the market located in Tegallalang. Remember to bargain the price before you buy.

Wading Ayung with rafting. Place famous rafting in Bali is rafting on the Ayung River. There are several operators rafting on the Ayung River. Rafting on the Ayung River in the category of class II and III. Thus, rafting on the river is suitable for beginners.
The uniqueness of rafting on the Ayung River is a panorama on the right and left of the river. Towering palm trees, the trees on the hill, until the rice terraces. Not only that, in the middle of the river rafting, you will be taken notice of Balinese artists in the form of a relief carving on rock cliffs Ramayana. Rafting package usually includes lunch and shuttle.

Say hello to the monkeys at the Monkey Forest. Ubud is home of the monkey. You should stop by and take a walk in the Monkey Forest area. Here, the monkeys roam freely. Many tourists are eager to take pictures with the monkeys. But be careful sometimes mischievous monkeys pick up tourists.
In the entrance area of ​​the Monkey Forest, visitors are welcomed large-size statue of a monkey. Well, when it entered into a forest area of ​​about 27 hectares of land, the atmosphere cool and beautiful welcome. Inside the temple there is the Monkey Forest are also frequently visited by tourists

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Yoga in Ubud
Yoga is a fitness activities and thoughts that focus on strength, flexibility and breathing to improve mental and physical quality of the culprit. Posture or series of movements and breathing are two major components of yoga. If the body has been practiced since 5000 years ago in India and has been adapted into many variations.
Not just to be exercises, yoga proved to have many health benefits. If you still feel reluctant to practice yoga, may list the following benefits can make you change your mind.

A means of relaxation. Practicing yoga means getting used to focus and breathing. As a result, a number of studies have shown that yoga can help reduce anxiety and stress, makes more stable mood. Yoga can make the perpetrators perceive ourselves better.
Build flexibility and strength. Yoga movements performed by flexing the muscles, making it easier for the perpetrator to move more flexible and not easy to feel tired. The study found that more than 35 percent of people who do yoga for eight weeks have felt their bodies more flexible and more moves can maintain balance.

Reduce the risk of chronic disease. Yoga can help principals to manage the risk factors that caused chronic diseases, such as back pain, heart disease, and high blood pressure. This occurs with lower heart rate after doing yoga regularly. In addition, yoga also has the potential to boost the immune system, as well as lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

In addition, yoga can reduce the pain and movement disorders in people with osteoarthritis, although some yoga postures are not appropriate for people with arthritis.
Increase muscle mass and improve posture. Most yoga movements involving and testing muscle strength so that in the long run makes the body is formed. Yoga also helps the body becomes more sensitive, for example when we accidentally sat hunched posture, the body will immediately fix the position.

Improve balance. Yoga strengthens the lower part of the body, such as the legs and knees, so make developing balance and reduce the risk of falls.
Lose weight. Yoga is different from aerobic exercise and is not intended to burn calories. But by doing an hour of yoga, can burn more calories than walking leisurely with the same duration. In addition, yoga invite principals to improve the relationship of mind to body, including the activity of eating food. By practicing yoga, you are expected to be more conscious and selective about the type and amount of food consumed.

It would be nice interrupted time your holiday in Bali, you took time to take part in yoga. There are many yoga classes for both beginners and experienced in a variety of areas in Bali. As yoga in Denpasar Bali and for that are in Ubud you can follow yoga in Ubud while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery in the Villa Bayad Ubud Bali.

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